Friday, August 19, 2005

The Intern Olympics

I usually troll around tiny daily papers looking for something to make fun of ---but more often I find interesting little stories about people in small town New York. Take Mohawk native Tiffany Casale, for example. The Herkimer Evening Telegram reported this week that the 19-year-old Ithaca College sophomore will be doing an internship for NBC at the Torino Winter Olympics. Lowly Olympic gigs can lead to big things; Today Show executive producer, Jim Bell, got his start at the network as a go-fer in Barcelona, where his main job was pushing around the wheelchair of injured NBC sports exec Randy Falco:
"I knew Barcelona wasn't necessarily handicap-friendly, but at a certain point Jim just picked me up and threw me over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes," said Mr. Falco.(NY TIMES)
Bell was later noticed by Dick Ebersol (who wouldn't notice that) and the rest is history. Get in shape Tiffany, you never know.