Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Howard's End

Most people would probably tell you that they think their weatherman is right about half the time ---that's why former WNYT meteorologist Howard "Howie" Altschule might want to rethink this line on his realty website:
You've Trusted Him with Your Weather Forecasts and You Can Trust Him with Your Real Estate!!
Altschule's other post-TV pursuit is consulting as a forensic meterolologist ---that's not someone who debates the weather, but an expert witness who provides scientific analysis of meteorological conditions, often in legal proceedings. His home page links you to one of those blog things that everybody seems to have these days, so I couldn't resist checking it out. Just as my eyes were glazing over, Howie threw in the word that never fails to get every man's attention: strippers. I tell you, we love that courtroom stuff, especially when it involves dancing.