Friday, August 26, 2005

Hey You Kids!

A mansion neighborhood resident complained to local media this week that he's had enough of you pesky reporters covering the Madison Place blaze. The letter writer even claims that a news crew entered a neighbor's home without permission so they could get shots from the backyard. What are you saying? We can't go on your property to take pictures? Who the hell are you, WalMart? The homeowner is not completely unreasonable, though:
If circumstances merit additional news coverage of the rear of the site, I will consider providing permission for access across my property on a case by case basis. However, that permission will only be granted in the event that permission is also granted by the demolition contractor, and Valerie Scott from the Codes office. I will check with Mr. (name omitted), my neighbor, to make sure that his approval is granted as well, since it is necessary to cross his property to reach mine. Anyone from the media coming onto my property must be wearing a hardhat for safety, and must be accompanied by a city official.
Jeez...we'll just shoot from the sidewalk, OK?