Tuesday, August 30, 2005

From Bad to Verse

Do you think I'm the sort of jerk who'd make fun of a guy who writes poetry about dogs and cats? If you said yes, you are correct. I knew that Steve Caporizzo was the Pet Connection guy, helping homeless animals find homes, but I didn't know about this:
My body is small...and I tremble in fear
I walk by the road, but there is nothing here.
I'm tired and wet, my strength is so weak
My heart beats slowly, my future is bleak.
Or this:
I sit here and cry, my body trembles with fear.
My tears keep flowing, I'm so frightened of here.
I bark out my call, but it's a silent sound...
I try so hard, but there's no one around.
Or even this:
I gave you my best, you just didn't care,
You threw my away, like a broken old chair.
Though I fight for me life, I can still be your friend,
Please give me a chance, before I reach my end.
Oh my Gosh...is Cap writing about pets or about life under the LaSpina administration at WTEN?