Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Family Flicks?

Hooray for Hollywood and the Downtown Albany BID (Bar Improvement District) for bringing free outdoor movies to Jennings Park the Corning Preserve. The BID describes this as a family event, and indeed, some of the movies are family-friendly, such as Robots and Cheaper by the Dozen ---but you've got to wonder about Dodgeball and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, so I consulted's Parents Preview.
Innuendo and gross humor, along with profanities that include a use of the sexual expletive. Talk of selling blood and semen (?...but not mixed together?), drinking your own urine, and using a doorknob as a sexual device, are a sampling of the dialogue. Meanwhile, watching Stiller's character take shock therapy through his nipples and imply masturbating with a pizza, are only two of many moments that accurately define the term sight gags.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
With violence literally wall-to-wall, when the pair isn't kicking one another around the house, the screenplay provides a continuous onslaught of other murders. This action leaves little time for dialogue or plot development. For those who claim the MPAA ratings haven't grown more tolerant of increased violent content, Mr. and Mrs. Smith definitely qualifies as "Exhibit A." The inclusion of a sexual expletive, discussions of sex, and portrayals of sexual activity, along with dozens of killings suggests the next death may be the trust families have for the motion picture rating system.
By the way, this family event allows no "coolers, backpacks, bags, containers, packages, thermoses, cups, bottles, cans, flasks or glass containers," so leave the snacks and drinks at home.