Friday, July 29, 2005

Write On

The good news about the internet is that people are writing again. Judging by the quality of the writing, that's also the bad news.

I can just barely manage to squeeze one or two posts out of my feeble little brain every day. William M. Dowd, on the other hand, now there's a guy who can write you under the table.
When Mr. Dowd's not keeping an eye on things at the TU as associate editor, he writing ---and not just writing his columns that appear in the paper, but also quite a bit of stuff you can find on his various websites and blogs. And all of it's really interesting. Like East Egg Review, an online journal of thoughtful essays, and it's counterpart, Weathering Heights, described as Meteorology as a Metaphor for Daily Life, containing shorter more topical ruminations. The BarLOG is all about wine, beer and spirits (those you drink), and Taste for Travel, is well, all about travel.
All told, it's like a one man e-zine ---and a great pleasure in a world where 95% of all web content is unreadable.