Saturday, July 23, 2005

Radio Vigilantes

If nothing else, the internet has made it much easier to complain. It's also given folks a tool for activism, like the people (person?) who call themselves Asian Media Watch. The group is after JR Gach over several shows in June they found particularly offensive ---and they've even posted audio files and transcripts on their web site. This follows in the wake of reports in May that the FCC was investigating an errant "MF" that got on the air.

You may hate JR -and I don't, I think he's funny- but there's a place for him on the radio dial. He pushes things to the edge ---and in today's bland sea of local commercial radio we need a little more pushing and a little less sucking.

By the way: Prefer your radio uncensored? Now you can download JR shows to your iPod and listen anytime.