Saturday, July 30, 2005

Mail Bag

I've taken some flack over not allowing reader comments at Albany Eye. A long time ago I decided that this is something you read, not something you discuss, so get over it. However, we love your letters, and periodically post responses. We don't print the letters, mind you, just the responses.
To Name Withheld:
You were right about my cheap reference to seizures in a recent post about the Palace Theatre website. Sorry, dude. Epilepsy isn't funny, and I urge my readers to learn more about it before making their own stupid remark.

To RM:
I think your idea is funny, painting bullseyes on the sidewalks below Albany's crumbling facades, but I'm not sure the Downtown BID will agree. Did you see their Henry Hudson ad campaign? Then you know that they don't have a sense of humor. Feel free to take this up with BID head Pamela Tobin.

I'm pretty sure that using "buckled" to describe what happened to the Dunn Memorial Bridge is acceptable, but when you think about it, the bridge did sort of become un-buckled, didn't it?

To Jake:
I'm thinking Bridget Blythe, Lindsay Cohen, Ann Hughes, and Judy Sanders. Not necessarily in that order.