Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Everybody Must Get Stone

Wild animals. When they're dead, infected, rabid, acting strangely, wandering in places they doesn't belong, or being a nuisance, the man to see is Dr. Ward Stone. Stone, legendary head of ENCON's wildlife pathology unit, has a long reputation as the go-to guy for your critter questions ---and not just for his vast knowledge, but because he can always be counted on to lay it out straight. Isn't that refreshing when talking to someone on the agency side?
Stone now can be heard hosting his own radio show, In Our Backyard, on WAMC. While Stone isn't exactly Ira Glass, the program is a compelling brew of information and activism, tapping into his extensive network of people in the environmental community. Oh, and if you have any specimens for Dr. Stone, be sure to pack them up properly. Your mailman will thank you.