Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Double Shot Mozart Monday

"We focused our programming on what listeners really wanted to hear. We increased the music and we decreased the talk."
Hmmm. More music, less talk. Could be the PD from any one of the area's radio stations, but it's not ---that quote's from Scott Sauer at WMHT. I guess more music and less talk is what they got when they fired most of the on-air staff in 2003.

The station recently announced that they're buying bankrupt WBKK to increase coverage to the west. Sauer says they were originally looking elsewhere, which makes you wonder if they're following the wrong river. If I were after affluent, well educated listeners, I'd be thinking Hudson Valley, not Mohawk Valley. He also says the station will eventually be reprogrammed with a "'new and distinct' classical format". Classic country, perhaps?