Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Board Meeting

Need to talk about local radio and TV but can't find anyone interested in listening? Boy, do I know the feeling! That's when you turn to web message board CapitalGold Forum. Topics range from the super geeky, such as posters daring each other to identify photos of radio transmitters, to discussions of what goes on inside area newsrooms. Some of the comments are pretty good, like this one on the departure of Mr. Pagliarulo from WRGB from "eng_whiz":
This from his online bio at 6:
"Joe's a native of Long Island and has worked 13 years in broadcasting with a goal of getting back home. Well, he made it."

This from the San Antonio Biz Journal regarding his move to WOAI:
"I am so excited about this opportunity," Pagliarulo says. "... and I'm so happy I'll now call San Antonio home."
Ouch! Easy folks ---Pags may jump in his Buick GN, drive over here and kick our asses.