Friday, March 04, 2005

Wolf Tickets

Wolf Tickets The Wakin' Up with the Wolf show is history on March 31 ---that's the latest from the internet rumor mill. Posts on the show's message board and email to Albany Eye claim that PYX106 will replace the program with the Lex and Terry Show, syndicated fare out of Dallas. These reports are highly questionable, and until someone makes an announcement, should be considered like many other things you read on the web: sketchy at best. In radio when you're leaving, you're gone. It's very uncommon for lame ducks to stay behind the mike. Not unheard of, but uncommon. From Mark McGuire today (3/4/05):
Bob Wolf said he doesn't know why the changes were made. "I had nothing to do with this one," said Wolf, who has a history of problems with previous co-hosts, but nothing recently. Ellen Z. doesn't know why she was let go, either: "I don't know what's happening."