Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Wakin' Up With The Archie

Mayoral candidate Archie Goodbee will be getting equal time on the radio ---except not on WROW, where Jerry Jennings hosts weekly lovefest, but on PYX 106. Bob Wolf has announced that he'll have Goodbee in for half an hour a week beginning on April 4. I know what your thinking: "Eye, you said EQUAL time. How is it EQUAL if Jennings gets an hour and Goodbee gets half an hour?" Folks, I can read the ratings, so believe me ---half an hour on PYX 106 is worth at least an hour on WROW.

WROW's program director and morning host, Paul Vandenburgh,could not be reached for comment despite repeated telephone calls. A call to Jennings' office was not returned.