Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Trouble With Karen

This week's Media Project on WAMC features an extended discussion of the Karen Hitchcock matter. A February 25 article in the New York Times reported that Hitchcock was under investigation by the State Ethics Commission when she left her post as president of UAlbany; citing unnamed sources, the story suggested Hitchcock hastened her departure to avoid the probe. Dr. Hitchcock, who now heads Queens University in Ontario, has denied any wrongdoing.
Alan Chartock, calling Hitchcock the "finest university president he ever served under," blasted the New York Times article as tainted by sources with an agenda, describing their story a "smear".

The Hitchcock thing is sticky. We now live in a world where rumors and innuendo become instantly available everywhere, anytime ---and it's possible to build a search engine mythology for anyone you choose. Add a story in The Times and you change someone's personal history forever.