Thursday, March 10, 2005

Reader's Advocate

As promised,the Albany Eye reader's Advocate, O.M. Budsman has joined the team to address issues you have with this website.

Several readers have questioned Albany Eye's use of anonymous and uncorroborated information. The most egregious example was an item casting about over the rumored departure of Bob Wolf from PYX 106. Yes, I know, the author included the usual disclaimers about it being unconfirmed, but let's back off a second and think about where this "tip" came from. Do you really think the Wakin' Up With The Wolf message board and email from an anonymous sender constitutes reliable sourcing? Maybe next we'll start posting things we find written on the stalls in the men's room.

My Blog Dog? Please. No one want to hear you kvetch about how hard you work. Oh, woe is me, my public is expecting something pithy today.
Writing about writing is insufferably boring ---and if blogs are the lowest form of writing, what does that make writing about blogging? If you really want to scrape out the bottom of
the waste basket, there are blogs that write about other blogs. Speaking of waste baskets, if I read another article about blogs, I'm going to need one to catch my vomit.

Maybe you've noticed those "Albany Eye Recommends" boxes on this website. We asked the boss to explain:
"Those are links to books or music that we enjoy or have mentioned
in posts. They are set up through the Amazon Associates program to help defray the cost of running the web site."
Under the program, Albany Eye receives a 5% commission on items sold via the link. Let's say -and this is a stretch folks- that the effort nets $3 per month. By my calculation, that works out to earning something like $.06 an hour. Good luck with that. What's troubling here was the inclusion of one of those Amazon Associates links tucked away in the website's content last Friday. It's one thing to flaunt your wonderful taste in books and music with those little ads, but mixing pitches and posts should be off limits.

If you wish to contact Mr. Budsman, please send us an email with OM BUDSMAN in the subject line.