Friday, March 11, 2005

Radio Radio

Maybe you read in the Business Review Tuesday about WAJZ dropping the Tom Joyner Show earlier this week. Albany Eye actually had some email from listeners complaining about the station ---but no one should be surprised. Joyner's show doesn't really fit the JAMZ format, which is basically aimed at young hip hop and R&B listeners ---and Joyner? He isn't just old school, he's old. It's like your favorite radio station putting on something for your parents in morning drive. Maybe some of Joyner's fans will find their way to NPR's soulful News & Notes With Ed Gordon ---if they don't mind listening online.

I can't make this stuff up. Believe me, I've tried:
The Backstreet Boys are getting back together. It would seem to
me that this is a fairly significant story.

Bob Schieffer has what people are looking for in an anchor. He's elderly.

If the Clintons aren't getting along, I don't see why they should be at each other's surgeries.

He had cancer. I don't think he died tragically.
It's worth mentioning that Angela Austin is back from her crash course in news reading. She's a little better, but the show is still missing the gravitas a seasoned, mature newscaster would bring to the table. It's gone from sounding like the news on a bad college station to sounding like the news on a mediocre college station.
Suck it up and spend some money.

O.M. Budsman raked us over the coals for a recent post about Wakin Up With the Wolf, but this one is rock solid: John Tobin is back on the show starting March 21. Tobin is hugely popular with the show's long-time fans ---and station brass expect his return to offset the recent loss of Mulrooney and Ellen Z.

By the way, Wolf has asked me to come on the show, but I can't do it until I devise a way to disguise my voice.