Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Thanks to everyone who takes the time to write Albany Eye. We appreciate your comments, suggestions and tips. Mail for Albany Eye may now be sent to Here are some replies to recent messages:

To AEG: You're right. The "short bus" remark was out of line and I removed it from the Web Weview. I didn't mean to insult the developmentally disabled by comparing their writing to that of the people at WRGB.

To R C: I realize that "it's difficult to think it's not Mark McGuire writing when I read the blog," but no, I am not Mark McGuire.

To Glenn in Monterey: Sorry I didn't link to your totally cool website. My bad.

For albany3ye: No, I'm not JR Gach.

Q: I don't know what a "Snow Shadow" is either, but if Steve Caporizzo says it stopped the storm from hitting here, I'm all for it. Are you sure he didn't say "Snow Angels"?

Pete S: I never said Paul was hitting on Angela, I said it sounded creepy.

Sue: About Ann Hughes and the chickens: Yeah, I guess I do find that attractive, in a Natalie Portman/Cold Mountain sort of way.

Biblio: No, I'm not Alan Chartock. How many times are you going to ask?