Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mad TV

Wayne Perry's Mad Minute commentaries were a staple of the early days at FOX23 News ---but if you think his rants on TV were unhinged, wait until you read his press releases. The former self defense instructor is now marketing Sinus Buster, a hot pepper-laced nasal spray for treating headaches, allergies and sinus pain. In a recent press release, Perry launches into an extended explanation of how his firing came down from the very highest levels at Clear Channel ---as a response to his Mad Minute riff on the election of George Bush. Who knew that Wayne Perry was martyred by the evil minions of America's most-hated media company? We thought it was for criticizing his employer in the newspaper.

Perry learned about the curative powers of capsaicin to cure headaches after a series of demonstrations that involved him being shot in the face with pepper spray. I believe the punch line here is, because it feels so good when I stop.