Friday, March 04, 2005


Internet scams have become the CBS6 I-Team's stock in trade recently ---back in January they found someone gullible enough to fall for a variant of the Nigerian email scam, now they've turned their attention to eBay. What would they do if people weren't so dumb ---and so willing to go on TV? The other night they profiled a Corinth man who sent $800 to Constanta, Romania for a 50-inch Zenith flat screen plasma TV. Who knew Constanta was the place to find the best price on that stuff?

The first big mistake people make is trusting a scam artist; the second one they make is trusting CBS6. WRGB knows it's entertaining to see people do things we think we're too smart to do. The I-Team doesn't actually help anyone, nor do they have the clout to get your money back. Cloaked behind their concerned tone and furrowed brow is a research-driven freak show that's as exploitive as anything else you'll ever see on TV. At least when you eat bugs on Fear Factor you might win something.