Friday, March 11, 2005

Dope of The Week

Instead of letting Dan Rather leave the air gracefully, William E. Kring, General Manager of WWTV/WWUP-TV of Cadillac, Michigan conducted a reader poll over whether the station should air a CBS prime time tribute to the departing anchor. Saying that the poll had been "grossly misinterpreted" and that it was "never our intent to embarrass Mr. Rather or the CBS Network," the viewer poll was yanked ---but not before racking up a 63% tally against the special. His cheap stunt made international news.

You'd think that someone trusted with a broadcast license(several, actually) would have the common sense to do the right thing ---and if lacking common sense, he'd have the resolve to make his own decisions about programming. If after running Dan Rather's newscast for decades you don't have the class to air a one hour special about him, then don't air it. Just don't try to make it look like it wasn't your choice.