Friday, February 25, 2005

The Donald

Don Rittner has forgotten more about computers than I will ever know. And more about science. And more about local history. And more about writing books. Need I go on? He's the Capital Region's Renaissance man, a local treasure ---but he is no longer a columnist at the Troy Record.
Rittner's column on local history ran in the Record since 1998 ---until they decided to "reallocate resources" to other parts of the paper, namely the Steppin' Out entertainment section. How Don Rittner's great pieces on our past were keeping down Steppin' Out is mysterious, but that's what they said. Meanwhile, Rittner's talking to other area dailies, and his archive of un-edited columns is available online; if you're interested in our rich history, it's a goldmine.

I hope the Troy Record doesn't think they can get where they want to go by sapping their paper of personality. I get worried when they eighty-six Don Rittner and keep this.