Wednesday, November 17, 2004


I can't think of a word that better describes what Paul Vandenburgh's been up to this week.

For the last two mornings, Vandenburgh has been on the air repeatedly referring to assault victim Joan Porco as "Momma". Maybe it's just me, but this seems really inappropriate considering the seriousness of the crime. It's not as if he knows the Porcos, who were savagely attacked in their Delmar home, nor is Mrs. Porco referred to as "Momma" in media reports. Here's a paraphrased example of what he's saying:
"If Momma talks, then the cops will know who did this..."
It's so weird to hear him say it that it's embarrassing to listen to -and I hope the Porco's family and friends are spared his thoughtlessness during this difficult time.